8 Different Types of Precast Concrete

Precast Concrete

Precast concrete products are diverse concrete members and units in different forms and shapes that are engineered to fit into different parts of a larger structure. Precast concrete is a type of building material that is made by pouring concrete into a mold called a form, curing it in a controlled environment, then transporting it to the job site and lifting it into position.

In this article, we will introduce eight different types of precast concrete products and their advantages to help professionals choose construction materials.

Precast concrete products

Precast concrete products, also known as prefabricated products, are manufactured offsite and then brought to the intended location for usage. These products are manufactured at precast facilities or casting yards and then delivered to the site. If they are heavy, such as column or block units, cranes, jacks, or other similar equipment will be used to hold them in place once they arrive at the construction site.

Precast concrete products are manufactured in a factory setting, and the final product is immediately usable. At the precast concrete facility, their manufacturing is monitored from the outside. Because everything is done offsite, time, energy, and labor in the construction process can be saved.

Types of precast concrete products

Precast concrete refers to a range of individual precast products that are cast in various shapes and then used in a construction project. Eight different types of precast concrete products are presented here:

  • 1-Precast concrete walls

  • Precast concrete walls are manufactured by pouring concrete into a reusable wall mold, curing it in a controlled setting, then bringing it to the worksite and lifting it into position. The primary benefit of installing a precast concrete wall is that it allows construction managers to complete their projects faster. A precast retaining wall, for example, is a cost-effective, visually beautiful, and long-lasting option for roadways, industrial, and residential projects. Providing all the required elements and specifications for concrete retaining systems is a simple task readily accomplished by precast concrete retaining walls.
  • Precast concrete walls advantages:
  • – Durable
    – Easy to maintain
    – Thermal resistance
    – Moisture resistance
    – Fire resistance
    – Acoustics

Precast concrete walls

2- Precast concrete wall panels

Precast concrete panels are an unbeatable option for any structure’s external walls. Compared to other standard panel systems, precast wall panels deliver significant long-term economic benefits, including outstanding durability, reduced energy expenses, and minimal maintenance.

Precast concrete wall panels advantages:

  • – Durability
    – Aesthetics
    – Lower costs
    – Energy efficient
    – Fire resistant
    – Acoustics

3- Precast concrete slabs

Precast concrete slabs are created by pouring regular concrete into a mold in a controlled environment. It thus protects the concrete from the effects of the environment. It improves the construction’s structural strength with these precast concrete slabs. All precast concrete slabs are made by pouring the concrete into a form under controlled conditions, resulting in consistently great results.

Precast slabs have an added benefit over regular slabs. They are prepared in a contained environment and can be used as a valuable member in all projects.

Precast concrete slabs advantages:

  • – Versatility
  • – Water and fire-resistant
  • – Easily manageable
  • – High strength
  • – Easier to maintain
  • – Watertight

4-Precast concrete blocks

Precast blocks are often used in constructing walls and columns and are hand-made or made by mechanical machinery. Precast concrete blocks come in a variety of sizes and forms.

Precast concrete blocks are utilized in a wide range of applications, including load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls of the entire project. Since they have a high resistance to weather conditions and fire, they are commonly utilized in wall building. Moreover, the seismic resilience of hollow precast concrete blocks can be improved by filling them with concrete.

Precast concrete block advantages

  • – High strength
    – Resistant to wear and fire
    – High stability
    – Improving construction speed
    – Acoustic benefits
    – Reducing construction time

5-Precast concrete stairs

Precast concrete stairs are offered in the form of single monobloc pieces with bases or individual precast steps. Staircases made of precast concrete complement precast flooring. Precast concrete stairs are easy and quick to install on the construction site. These products might be standard or custom-made to fit specific parts of the structure that require robust reinforced concrete structures.

Precast concrete stairs advantages:

  • – Safe and durable
    – Environment-friendly
    – Fast and easy to install
    – Minimal maintenance
    – Made from prestressed concrete
    – Available in a variety of surface finishing

The best interior design services 8 Different Types of Precast Concrete

6-Precast concrete columns

Precast columns include columns made of reinforced concrete that have had their casting and curing process take place on the ground and will then be lifted into place. Precast concrete columns are the best solution for buildings that require more robust section columns. If there is enough space, columns can also be precast on-site or fabricated in a manufacturing unit and brought to the construction site.

Precast concrete column advantages:

  • – Increases the speed of construction
    – Improves project management
    – Higher quality
    – Reduces the need for site labor
    – Reduces the waste

7-Precast concrete fence

Precast concrete fences are long-lasting and cost-effective alternatives to other types of fences available on the market. Each precast concrete fence can endure extreme weather conditions since each item is poured and consolidated into its durable and heavy-duty shape.

Precast concrete fence advantages:

  • – Aesthetics
    – Long durability
    – Easy and fast to install
    – Sun and moisture resistant
    – Cost-effective

Precast concrete fence

8-Precast concrete lawn edging

Any building or facility’s landscape will benefit from the addition of precast concrete lawn edging. Precast concrete edgings are set within the excavated area of the surface and fastened in place using concrete haunchings. Doing this helps create a firm, continuous border on the surface. Building walkways, landscape edging, partitioning lawns, and flowerbeds are all possible with the use of precast concrete lawn edging.

Precast concrete lawn edging advantages:

  • – Durable
    – Low maintenance
    – Provides a very secure and robust edge to the surface
    – Reduction in both work and waste

Precast concrete homes and precast systems

Precast systems, which are open systems that may be employed on isolated sites and in large-scale projects, are used to build a precast house. Precast systems provide a variety of local customization options using the local workforce. Large projects are required to improve the economic condition of society. Precast systems are flexible enough to adapt to dispersed site housing, which occurs when a construction company has several available active sites distributed across the city.

A precast house price is much more affordable in comparison to other solutions. It can help in providing shelter for a lot more people. Reduced building periods and the requirement for on-site workers can partially decrease the precast house price. Costs can be further reduced by taking advantage of economies of scale and repetition.

Final words

Precast concrete can be used for multiple purposes and on walls, columns, floors, and other parts of every style of residential building and industrial one, from single-family homes to multi-story complexes. There are many different types of precast concrete products, and each has its own advantages. Precast concrete homes are environmentally friendly while also offering robustness, durability, and catastrophe resistance. At Cavalli, we obtain your ideas and desires and suggest the best option based on your budget, space, and prerequisites. We always use high-quality material and never think of second-best options.

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