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The entry is where your guests get the first glimpse inside, so the way you style it is crucial since it can make the first and most important impression on guests and give them too much information about your characteristics and desires. Adding a bench to this space not only allows visitors or your family members to take off their boots before they step through the home, but also showcases your home’s aesthetic design.

No matter how much available space you have or how much money you want to spend, there are a variety of options that will help you design your entrance comfortably and practically.

Entrance Bench Design Ideas.

The best bench design will fit the rest of your home’s decor while not inducing the feeling of clutter and will keep the area neat and tidy. Here are some design ideas that might help you style your entryway beautifully.

Using compact seating

This idea is great for limited floor or wall space. A simple seat design, with or without a cushion, will protect your floors from dirt and give you a space for shoe removal.

An entryway bench with a built-in shoe rack or coat hooks.

Built-in under-seat storage for shoes and boots keeps your entrance neat and organized, so you do not need to look for them when you’re running late. And if you do not have a closet nearby, a built-in coat hook is perfect to keep everything organized.

A bench with storage baskets or drawers

The drawer design is the best for keeping miscellaneous items tidy and organized. On the other hand, basket storage is a wonderful way to place your mail and bills instead of cluttering them on tables or kitchen counters.

entrance bench


Points That Should Be Considered When Selecting a Garden Bench

There are a few considerations that should be involved in the seating arrangement in a garden or landscape.

Pay attention to its view and location.

Always consider this simple point: what view would you expect to see from your seat? Maybe your garden is a vignette, like a pond, rose bushes, a pool, or flowers in bloom, or maybe you have a spectacular, million-dollar view of mountains. Whatever your outlook, the location of your seat should give you the best view.

Based on the area you live in (rainy, hot weather, Pacific Northway, etc.), your seat should be under a tree canopy or a roof to provide you with adequate shelter during unexpected or harsh weather conditions, like a storm, sudden rain, sunlight, etc.

Materials and style

If your house has a well-defined architectural style (like Victorian or contemporary), then it’s best to pay sufficient attention to your bench’s style, shape, and details. For instance, seating that is sleek, geometric, and lacking intricate carvings would probably go well with contemporary homes, while a long bench (banquette seating), which has more of an ornamental aspect, is much more suitable for the Victorian style.

Pay close attention to what’s under your feet.

Underfoot surfaces or ground materials have a great impact on the type of seating you want to place on top of them. For instance, a patio with a paver or flagstone surface is rough or uneven in some ways, so seating that is made of metal, stone, or unstable can be a perfect choice.

A lawn, pathway, or any area with decomposed granite goes well with the most informal seating design. The point here is that the size of the one you choose should fit your area.

What Is a Wooden Bench Sofa Set?

The sofa set is the most important aspect of any home since the living room is the focal point of most homes, so a stylish and matching sofa set is the main feature of the space. A sofa set is quite a classic choice and consists of a group of three pieces of furniture, which include the sofa, the sofa table, and the coffee table.

They are available in different types, like contemporary design, traditional design, simple design, etc.

The Benefits of a Living Room Bench Sofa Set

  • Their maintenance is quite easy.
  • They are versatile, come in a variety of colors and designs, and you can use them in different ways.
  • They last a long time without exhibiting any signs of damage.
  • Oak bench sofas, rattan bench sofas, and bamboo sofa sets are among the most popular manufactured wooden sofa sets. Rattan is a strong and long-lasting material that is easy to clean. Bamboo is a light material that can be easily cut and modeled, while cleaning it is simple.

rattan bench



Tips on Buying a Bench Sofa Design

  • The size of the wooden sofa will greatly depend on the size of the living room.
  • The design of the wooden sofa will depend on your taste; you can select contemporary, modern, traditional, or classic styles.

Mudroom Bench

Various types

These types come in a variety of colors, sizes, styles, and finishes. Most of them have storage space to help the mudroom get organized, though some of them are only designed as a seating area and offer no storage. They can be freestanding or customized to fit a particular mudroom to meet the homeowner’s needs. You can also use these types in the foyer or entry hall.

The usual price of a custom mudroom bench

There is no exact price, but for instance, the price of a custom-built ranges from $200 to over $2,000. If you want a mudroom cabinet, the price ranges are between $500 and around $1200 per linear foot.




At Cavalli Home, you have a variety of options to select a preferable custom-built bench style. If you do not have any clue which style is suitable for your entryway, garden, living room, etc., contact us to get a free consultation and an estimated price.

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