Portfolio Cavalli

Creating spaces for living, working and meeting

Cavalli H.C. Inc. is the biggest supplier of solid structure components portfolio and the best solution for constructions in Canada. Our profession is beyond managing projects, building designing, cabinetry and precast production and assembly. We cooperate with architects, engineers, property designers, development organizations and their subcontractors to offer professional solutions to all construction market sections such as:


From skyscraper lofts to singular family houses, public structures, sports buildings, but that’s just the beginning.  Cavalli H.C. Inc. has an answer for the present and tomorrow’s development needs. We provide structural and non-structural components in addition to integrated frame solutions encompassing erected frame and complete building envelope.
Our products offer facades, walls, roofing elements, beams, columns, flooring, stairs, decoration and cabinetry; all can be provided with customised specific elements.