5 Tips for Buying Commercial Cabinets


Suppose you plan on buying commercial cabinets for your business any of these days. In that case, you should know that choosing suitable commercial cabinetry is not as easy as it seems. Many companies don’t know what to look for when choosing commercial cabinets, so they don’t choose a product that can withstand the harsh conditions of industrial and commercial spaces.

So, in this article, we’ll present you with five tips for buying commercial cabinets that will hopefully help you make more conscious choices when making your final decision.

Why do you need commercial cabinets?

Commercial cabinets are necessary for keeping an office or commercial property neat, well-maintained, and organized. Commercial kitchen cabinets, for example, are a suitable storage device that ensures kitchen staff can easily find the kitchen tools they need during the busy evening hours.

Or commercial break room cabinets in an office that help employees keep their snacks and coffee cups well organized and not a mess after every coffee break. A commercial coffee station cabinet can also be used to serve hot beverages in offices in an organized manner.

Commercial shop cabinets are another example of commercial cabinetry that helps small and large retailers organize extra items and merchandise that shouldn’t be displayed on the shelves.

Tips for buying commercial cabinets

Commercial cabinets come in various types that differ in strength, style, and material used in their manufacture. When buying, you’ll have the best commercial cabinets for your lab, office, or commercial kitchen if you follow these tips.

  1. Consider the materials used.

One of the essential features of commercial cabinets that you should look for when choosing them is the material used in their manufacture. This is because some of the other factors you should consider when choosing cabinets, such as strength, depend on it. Some of the materials that commercial cabinet companies typically offer are:

  • Commercial wood cabinets
  • Commercial plastic laminate cabinets or commercial laminate cabinets
  • Commercial metal storage cabinets
  • Commercial steel and stainless steel cabinets


commercial kitchen cabinets


  1. Pay attention to the weight load capacity and strength you need.

One of the features of commercial cabinets that ensures they’ll hold up in harsh conditions is load-bearing capacity. Generally, there are three types of commercial cabinets based on their weight load capacity and strength:

  • Heavy-Duty Cabinets: These cabinets are made of the strongest and most heavy-duty materials, making them ideal for any industry that requires heavy items to be stored in a secure location.
  • Industrial Cabinets: These are as strong as Heavy-Duty Cabinets but are more stable and durable than the third type. Also, they hold more items.
  • Business Cabinets: These cabinets are useful for light storage and are perfect for usage in offices as well as other commercial establishments such as commercial kitchens.

When choosing the appropriate strength, consider what you plan to use the commercial cabinets for and the environment in which they will be placed.

  1. Do you need framed or frameless cabinets?

Before choosing your cabinets, you should be aware of the available options. Commercial cabinets generally come in two types:

  • Face frame cabinets: Framed or face frame cabinets have a box and face frame. These cabinets are recommended if a gap between open shelf units and cabinet doors is preferred.
  • Frameless cabinets: They are also called European style cabinets and do not have a face frame. The complete overlay style, which is so prevalent in recent models, is featured on frameless cabinets. This overlay is presented by adding tiny spaces between cabinet doors and drawer faces. This style of structure is practically only employed in commercial settings.
  1. Which style suits you better?

Cabinets generally come in two different styles:

  • Storage cabinets: The most common form of the commercial cabinet, these cabinets contain horizontal steel shelves for organizing and protecting any tool and equipment.
  • Wardrobe cabinets: These cabinets include a shelf and a coat rail, and they’re typically utilized to help store employees’ uniforms or other clothing items.

There’s another style that combines the above two and could be the best choice for commercial use. This third style can be used to store office supplies and other stuff that are too long or too large to fit in a standard storage cabinet.


commercial coffee station cabinet


  1. Do you need any customization options?

After you have thought about your commercial cabinets’ material, strength, and style, it’s time to consider the customization options you need and can afford. Choosing suitable customization options might also help you adjust your workspace to satisfy regulatory, safety and operational standards.

Remember that these optional features can significantly increase the cost of your commercial cabinets, so try to minimize them if you have a small budget. Try and do your best to find and compare different commercial cabinet companies before you hire them for your project. Professional commercial cabinet makers can help you work in a cost-efficient manner.

Final Words

Buying commercial cabinets can be tricky because these storage devices can make or break the order in your office or commercial kitchen. When you’re looking for commercial cabinets, you need to be sure you’re choosing the cabinets that are best suited for your business’s needs. Pay attention to the details, as these large and heavy items can play an important yet ignored role in the success of your business. At Cavalli, we obtain your ideas and desires and suggest the best option based on your budget, space, and prerequisites. We always use high-quality material and never think of second-best options.

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