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closet design

It may be difficult for you to arrange your closet and find the best part to organize it to make a specific order. That’s why you need a closet to remodel. Here are some tips for closet design.

Pick the Right Closet

Each type of closet serves a different purpose:

  1. Walk-in Closet

The walk-in closet is a small room where you can walk into. There is ample storage where you can put your clothes, make-up, shoes, and jewelry in the same place.

Some people locate their ironing boards in the walk-in closet, though you can iron and hang your clothes in one place.

The most important feature for picking the walk-in closet is space. Because of it, this kind of closet seems like a luxuries add-on. If you have room, and enough clothes and accessories, thus go for a closet room.


closet room


  1. Reach-in Closet

In comparison to the walk-in closet, the reach-in closet is smaller. It’s a space for hanging clothes with almost folding doors and sizeable wardrobes.

The reach-in closet contains drawers and shelves which help you to keep your staff neatly and take of your space.

This type of closet has 6 ft. long, 8 ft. high and 24 in. deep.cabinet

  1. Wardrobes or Armoires

Armoire is a free-standing cupboard which is originally a wardrobe.

There are some differences between a closet and a wardrobe. A closet is a special room, while a wardrobe is a furniture which can be built as your need.

If you have a large room and don’t have numerous clothes and miscellaneous accessories, you can use an armoire.

It is portable and movable to any part of your home as desired. To hang clothes comfortably, the armoires depth range is 19.5 by 24 in.

  1. Linen Closet

The linen closet is a small reach-in closet. Those are located in hallways and can have bi-fold doors, sliding doors, or door-less.

The Linen closet is 30 by 36 in. wide and 15 by 24 in. deep.

  1. Master Closet

In the above, we listed different types of closets, but sometimes in a house, you don’t have a spare room to redesign it as a closet but you have a master bedroom. So remodel it and add a master closet.

A master closet may be a small walk-in closet. The space you need to have a walk-in master is 7 by 10 feet in minimum and 100 sq. ft. if prefer for two users. If you want the smaller walk-in closet can be built in 25 sq.


Closet design

To know how to design your closet, you should better answer some questions.

  • What kind of closet is suitable for you?
  • What do you put in your closet?
  • How to organize your closet?
  • How to arrange the closet?
  • What kind of closet staff is best for your space?

Here we answer all the possible questions.

First, you need measurement tape and a pencil to write down the accurate size of your space. According to the dimensions we mentioned above, you can pick the best closet.

Consider the space of your needed staff, like a mirror or a chair for putting on shoes or socks. As an advance, if your room has a window, use the under-the-window seat. That space never works for hanging, so the more space optimization, the most closet feature.

Choose a part of your closet for the mirror and make sure there`s nothing to block the mirror’s way.

The most useful dimension is vertical. By putting high shelves, there could be off-season storage and you can use these kinds of shelves to put your hats, shoes, bags, etc.

In this part of the wardrobe design, it is necessary to break down things, for example, folded clothes (t-shirts, sweaters,…), sleepwear, underwear, belts, scarves, etc. One of the most features is lighting. In a closet, you need to see what is inside it. The light must be in a good position where not shadowing the closet. The most consideration here is the heat, which can provide an incident fire.

Know your habits; are you hanging your clothes neatly or just hanging them up? If you are obsessed with your hanging, choose the bid side as hanging storage and the small side for drawers and shelves.

To organize your jewelry, ties, and glasses you can use the countertop drawer. It is easy to see what is best for your day’s style.

Types of closet doors

There are basically two types of closets: those you can enter and those you cannot enter. Reach-in closets pose the greatest challenges, especially the doors used to access them.

If there is space, a swinging door is the best option as it gives you full access inside the closet. The downside is that you can’t swing a door in single-depth closets and a standard swinging door means nothing can get in the way.

closet doors

Sliding Door

If you have a small space design a closet with a sliding door. Your next best bet if space is too tight for a swinging door. But these bypass plates have a tendency to crumble, get stuck, and even slip out of their tracks – and you can only get in halfway at any time. Replacing generic hardware with “HD” or heavy-duty hardware limits the hassle and is worth the cost in the long run.

Bi-fold Door

A bi-fold door on a closet design diagram from a bird’s eye view. Bi-Fold door on a closet design. Because they allow access to the full width of the closet while only devouring half the floor space of hinged doors, folding doors are tempting. Until you realize they have double the number of moving parts as sliding doors and double the risk of getting caught or falling off their tracks.

Child closet organization

Adjustable closet systems are great choices for child closets. Use a top rod to store out-of-season clothes and a lower rod to keep frequently used items at eye level. Add stackable storage cubes to make use of the space between the clothes and the floor, and use storage bins and totes to contain small items like shoes, toys, and games. As your child grows, reconfigure the space to fit larger clothes, and use the storage cubes and bins elsewhere.

At Cavalli, we obtain your ideas and desires and suggest the best option based on your budget, space, and prerequisites. We always use high-quality material and never think of second-best options.

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