The Best Walk-in Closet Ideas!

Walk-in closet

A walk-in closet design may compel you to pare down your possessions and help you decide what to keep and what to throw away.

A Walk-In Closet: What Is It?

A walk-in closet is a fairly large space that one or two people can walk into to access the garments.

The walk-in closet entrance is at least a few feet wide, allowing easy access to garment rods and storage.

Space is the vital key to organizing your walk-in closet. Below, there are some suggestions to declutter your closet’s clothing.

Walk-in closet organizer ideas

Sort items out based on their types

Wire closet shelves are a fantastic alternative because there are numerous sizes and designs to pick from. You can use the shelving to organize your garments by season or color, store your shoes, and hang your belts. A corner shelf is always a good idea to use the maximum accessible space.

Adding Closet Rods to Increase Storage

Even if your walk-in closet size is not large enough, adding more hanging rods may help you make the most of the available space. There are different sizes of closet rods and finishes. If you have no idea what size rods match your closet, consider adjustable ones.

Walk-in closet organizer

Using Shoe Shelves to Keep Footwear Organized

From sneakers to boots, shoe shelves are a perfect addition to the walk-in closet store. For better organization, consider many shoe shelves (or multi-level shoe racks) and allocate each to a distinct footwear category such as dress shoes, winter boots, etc.

Make a chic walk-in closet built with wood organizers and shelves.

Wood is incredibly durable and comes in several finishes to fit your style.

A walk-in closet cabinet design with different drawers is a perfect way for items you want to hide. You can even consider a full-length mirror to make your closet more effective.

Walk-in closet accessories

Using the proper accessories can always keep your closet tidy and organized, regardless of how big or small it is. For instance, to create additional room, you can compress large items like pillows, blankets, or bulky sweaters by using a vacuum storage bag; place bathrobes or put blankets on decorative ladders, etc.

Walk-in closet for small bedroom

The organization is a vital issue in small bedrooms. To prevent your space from cramping, you may need to custom-build one to get the space you need. Here are some suggestions for positioning a walk-in closet in small bedrooms:

Walk-in closet bedroom ideas (small bedrooms)

  • Make a divider above the bed: Walk-in closet glass is a fashionable trend for small bedrooms; partitioning the wall above the bed with glass provides lots of space and privacy.
  • Armoires with full-length mirrors: This type of closet is a modern, functional divider that helps you organize and declutter your items.
  • A walk-in closet behind a bed floor plan: The partition is high enough so that the privacy of someone in bed will not be disturbed by another one walking through the closet.
  • Sliding door in the enclosed corner: This type of closet makes your room look more organized and minimalist, with less clutter and more privacy.
  • Frosted wardrobe: This kind of walk-in closet organizer is modern and stylish with a transparent door that provides you with lots of room for storing garments.
  • A sliding cabinet closet with double depths: Installing your TV in your closet space is another clever method for concealing it in your bedroom because it never takes up much more space. This full-height closet idea lets you add as many walk-in closet drawers or shelves as you need to fit your belongings.

Walk-in closet glass


Walk-in closet for Master bedroom

Below, we are walking through five top design ideas for a proper closet for the master bedroom:

Choose Cubby-Style Shelving Units

Cubby-Style shelving units are among the best walk-in closet design tool for sorting out your shoes, pants, sweaters, hats, etc. Moreover, you can modify shelves to accommodate boots and higher garment stacks. The unit keeps everything neat, clean, and easily accessible; this feature is ideal for those who prefer to put everything out right in front of them.

Opt for Smart Closet Storage

Just because you have more area does not mean you should not use the vertical space.

If you are looking for a high-quality custom walk-in closet in Toronto, contact Cavalli, we effectively enhance the design of your home.

Select appropriate colors and a good lighting source

A walk-in closet not only provides an opulent dressing area but also lets you display the whole of your wardrobe and all your clothing accessories.

Having walk-in closet lighting and walk-in closet color ideas helps you have a stand-out wardrobe. For this purpose, we suggest earthy and darker colors, if the cabinets, walls, and ceiling are natural-looking. For lighting, adding a chandelier, ceiling recessed lighting, task lighting, and strategically integrated LED lighting into cabinetry design can make your space appear larger than it actually is.

Add functional Closet Accessories

Closet accessories can make the design of your wardrobe remarkable. For example, you can use walk-in closet furniture, a makeup table, a full-length mirror, retractable valet rods, belt hooks, laundry hampers, and so on as some great accessories for your closet.

Walk-in closet in the bathroom: pros and cons

The pros:

  • Having a walk-in closet in bathroom can be convenient since you do not need to go to the bedroom to get dressed.
  • It offers more privacy when you are getting dressed.
  • The walk-in closet acts as soundproofing; therefore, the toilet flush or bathroom shower noises cannot be heard from the bedroom.

The cons:

  • Humidity and steam can enter garments, which causes the growth of mold and a musty odor. Moreover, airborne fecal bacteria might contaminate apparel.
  • If a walk-in closet is not properly organized, it will make the bathroom look messy.

Some ideas for a walk-in closet and bathroom layout

  • It is better to insult the walk-in closet outside the bathroom since it is where you need to get dressed.
  • Consider a hinged or sliding door to separate the bathroom from the wardrobe and divide it into two separate areas.
  • Embed a strong exhaust fan to remove moisture from the bathroom because damp air can easily harm fabrics.
  • Use both open shelves and a closed wardrobe that can be locked when an agency cleaning staff or other third party is in your home.

Walk-in closet in the bathroom


Walk-in closet dimensions

A typical walk-in closet need to be at least five by seven feet in size. However, many reach nearly 7 by 10 feet. Typically, in a standard closet, two or three walls are used for shelves and hanging space. Furthermore, consider at least 3 feet of room in the center for easy movement across the entrance.

Usually, the shelves and storage spaces are arranged in an L or U-shape, or along either side. You need at least 5 feet for an L-shape, and 7 feet for a U-shape. Depth depends on your needs, but you should consider a minimum of 5 or 6 feet for each formation.

In the end, setting up your closet depends on you. However, some people prefer leaving one wall empty to have more free space for things like a small chair.

Walk-in closet corner ideas

A closet corner organizer should maximize storage in awkward wall junctions and cause better usability and accessibility enhancements. Here are some ideas to improve your walk-in closet corner:

  • Use clothes organizers to hang your clothes.
  • Add shelves to your corner closet.
  • Use a 360-rotating corner organizer.

Always remember that:

  • Make the best use of your reach-in closet walls.
  • For maximum results, use a rotating closet system or “wrap your corners” in a walk-in closet that requires hanging space in the corner;
  • To cover the 90° corner of the closet, use corner shelves that are either curved or linked.

Walk-in closet colors, office ideas

  • The building of a walk-in closet office is more similar to planning a small room, and the vital key is creating a zone. Then, you can use the remaining area to design your workplace.
  • Consider a comfortable seating area based on your space and the number of hours you spend there.
  • No matter how small your closet is, a cabinet and at least one set of functional drawers are always required.
  • Since most closet offices are small areas, proper use of every inch of wall space is crucial. One of the best methods is to install shelves, especially if you want to make your office atmosphere similar to your cozy home’s atmosphere.


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