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interior doors

Interior doors are essential because of their remarkable impact on the existing interior layout. Nowadays, frosted glass, modern mirrors, and solid or knotty wood are among the most stylish ones for doors.

Due to different sizes, colors, and styles, you have lots of options to choose the right one for your home. Remember, some variables, like using high-quality materials and durability, are among the top features you need to consider. Fortunately, all doors at Cavalli meet all the necessary standards, and if you have no idea which one is suitable for your home, our professionals are ready to assist you.

What elements should we take into account before purchasing interior doors?

Before purchasing, you need to make sure the chosen door fits your home. It cannot be hard because there are limitless options, and at least one of them meets all your needs and desires.

Let’s take a look at some of the most stylish ones, below.

Some of the most popular interior doors

  • Interior doors with glass: glass-frosted doors are one of the best options that provide both privacy and enough light for your interior space.
  • Solid wood doors: replacing a solid door (preferably a solid wooden one) with a shallow core is a great idea to improve the quality of your interior door.
  • Knotty wood doors: a variety of pine woods, some cedar species, alder, beech, maple doors, black walnut, and birch are among the most popular knotty wood doors, giving you an accent solid color decoration.
  • Modernized mirror doors: in addition to changing the appearance of artwork, walls, and more, these modern doors create the illusion that your room is actually larger than it actually is. This is probably because of the unique radiation of light throughout your room.

Which style or color will be the trend for interior doors in 2022?


Gray (dark or pale) is one of those colors that easily matches different types of interiors and color schemes. Due to that, it has become much more mainstream without any sign of abating these days.

A simple or stylish line of a gray wooden door can easily match any color theme and create an eye-catching interior space.

wooden door

Oak-Cottage Style

When talking about door designs, versatility is the key factor. The Oak cottage style is reminiscent of the classic English country cottage and works beautifully with numerous design themes.

White oak doors

Natural oak doors are high-quality, long-lasting, luxurious, environmentally friendly, and perfectly match the combination of classic styles.

Doors with Walnut Veneer

Veneered doors are always in high demand because they are the most budgetary and give buyers lots of options to choose from.

They are either made of synthetic materials that closely resemble more valuable wood species, or they’re made of natural wood species like oak, ash, larch, etc.

One of the most popular colors for doors in 2022 is “walnut,” whose warm natural shade is always admired since it goes perfectly with a wide variety of colors and fits modern styles.

Different shades of walnut veneer doors:

  • Light Walnut color: This neutral color is perfectly suited for those interior doors that separate rooms with different styles.
  • Red Walnut color: Red walnut veneer seems luxurious and stylish, creating an amber shade that is ideal for those interior spaces you want to add warmth and light to.
  • Dark walnut color: This color goes well with warm or cold colors.
  • The Gold Walnut color: The gold hue is a fantastic idea to create a highlight effect on the door.

Molding doors

Molded doors are one of those popular trends in 2022 and will appeal to those who are into modern European, hi-tech, or minimalism styles. From an aesthetic point of view, sometimes gilded molding doors are combined with ornaments to create sophisticated, innovative, and beautiful interior door designs. Fortunately, moldings can be integrated with various interior items to create a unique harmony in your home.

Interior doors glass

Custom interior doors with glass can completely change the look of interior spaces. This style can be perfect for a Home Depot, pantry, or laundry room if you want to enhance the amount of light entering the space.

Interior doors glass

interior doors ideas (doors with glasses)

Smooth sliding door

Sliding internal doors are excellent space-saving solutions, and replacing an entire wall with chic sliding doors will give a real, contemporary style separator. It is excellent for dividing a larger room to create a separate home office or playroom.

If you’re looking for privacy, there are numerous options available. Furthermore, you are not limited to black and gray; Cavalli always offers a rainbow of colors and finishes.

Using internal glass as a room divider.

Glazed doors with a metal frame (typically aluminum) work well as an internal room divider, allowing light to flow freely from one space to the next and creating the illusion of a larger room.

If privacy is an issue, the glass can be decoratively sandblasted to block visibility without blocking light.

How to Paint an Interior Door?

Painting an interior door not only refreshes the door but also completely transforms the room and home.

What Kind of Paint Should I Use?

Use acrylic-latex paint. Select sheen types like eggshell, semi-gloss, or satin. When you’re painting a door, stay away from flat or matte paint.

The total area of each door (front, rear, and edges) is about 68 square feet. One paint gallon can cover 350 square feet. Therefore, one gallon of paint is enough for painting about five doors.

Today, the majority of interior paintable doors come pre-primed. Bare wooden doors are usually stained and coated. Doors made of clear pine and those with unfinished wood veneer should be stained rather than painted.

When should I paint interior doors?

It is preferable to paint interior doors as one of the final steps of your home renovation. Before painting, remove them from the hinges.

Make sure that your freshly painted door won’t get any paint from the walls, ceiling, or trim.

How to clean interior doors?

Before a good cleaning, you should prepare a few materials, including:

  • Dry towel
  • damp cloth
  • varnish
  • duster
  • multipurpose spray (or warm soapy water).
  • dishcloth
  • towel or sponge.

Some ideas about entry doors for houses

Black Glass Front Door

The black glass doors are especially suitable for traditional home styles because of their classic and timeless views.

Entry doors with sidelights

One, two, or even a few more sidelights are a lovely way to add light inside and enhance the appearance of your home.

Entry door designs with arched

The arched door is ideal for French Country, Traditional, Spanish Mediterranean, or Tudor style homes. Moreover, if your house has arched windows, arched doors will give your home a stunning look.

Black entry doors

Black is symbolic of control and order, and it is one traditional color that makes your home seem formal. It’s a great color for both traditional and contemporary homes. If you have a doubt, choose black for your door.

Entry Colorful doors

The colorful door shows your particular style and personality and brings happiness and joy to your home, whilst it still looks classy. Before selecting a colorful door, consider the home’s architecture and the environment.

Tudor or Old Style Doors

The Tudor style is a kind of traditional style that became popular after the 40s. The Entry door plays a significant role in Tudor-style homes that give you a historic, stunning, and distinctive vibe, particularly with window designs at the top.

Typically, the door has no glass and is made of solid wood with a substantial appearance. In addition, old-world style doors complement Spanish Mediterranean and French Country homes.

Entry doors for the garage

For the garage, you need a firm, well-built door with a robust and reliable lock when the garage isn’t in use.

However, solid wooden doors have a natural appearance and charm. Solid core doors are superior due to all the advantages they have.


Entry doors for the garage


Entry doors glass

The glass used in all front doors should meet all safety standards. For the sake of waterproofing or safety, we usually use laminated or insulated glass. Laminated glass is two pieces of glass joined together with an interlayer. Moreover, it heats under high temperatures and then cools quickly to ensure that glass breaks into relatively small, harmless pieces.

Where to buy an interior door?

Cavalli Home is among the top producers of cutting-edge looks and classic patterns, creating distinctive looks that go with any home design theme. We offer a range of solutions to add visual appeal and improve the functioning of any area, including sliding barn doors, French interior doors, and more.

Find the ideal entry & interior doors in Toronto.

If you are looking for unique doors at the right price, Cavalli Home is the place that responds to all your needs.

If you have any questions about entry or interior doors, please contact us. We will reply as quickly as possible.

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