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6 Characteristics of a Traditional Kitchen

Traditional Kitchen

The Interior design developed through time and left us today with various styles to choose from.
Having a wide range of options is fantastic, but it can be confusing when deciding what type to choose. From a Traditional kitchen to a modern one, many differences make the decision hard.
Here we clarify different factors of each design, intending to help you decide the best one suited for your house and taste.

As designers and builders, we are flexible to your priorities and likings. Since the best platform for presenting the classic house style is the kitchen, we recommend you to start every change from that point. After a proper kitchen renovation, you can decide what to do with the rest of the house.

Also, the financial part is considerable, and you want a kitchen that lasts and is functional. Also, it is crucial to choose timeless materials and items.
We walk through different kitchen styles together, starting with “traditional kitchen.”
This kitchen style, considered somewhere between vintage and modern, is widespread and appealing.
With upgrades like traditional cabinets with modern hardware or gadgets, the focus can shift to comfort and practicality for you and your family.
So let’s take a look at the main characteristics of a traditional kitchen.

Decorative Elements

The essence of an authentic traditional kitchen is the decorations and attention to the little details. There is an emphasis on the ornamental aspect of each object throughout the design.
As well as many patterns and textures on the traditional cabinets, you should expect crown moldings and embellished accents all over the room.

Decorative lighting like Chandeliers or lantern-style lights enhances the details of traditional cabinets, walls, and other parts of the kitchen. The main goal of this kind of design is to make the observer admire every corner with a focus on the visual features.

The use of all these factors might overwhelm you, but we guarantee that if the design is done by a skilled designer sophisticatedly, it results in a chic and elegant finish to your kitchen.
Our designers confidently know how to draw the line between elegance and overuse of decorative objects.

Traditional Cabinets

Designers make sure you have a sufficient counter area by making the raised panel cabinets the high point of your traditional kitchen.
This traditional cabinet style is installed along the kitchen walls and is the most distinguishing factor of the room.
Traditional cabinets by the name of raised panel cabinets are usually vividly designed with lavish details around their raised center panel, which remarkably harmonize with the rest of the kitchen design.

Our designers help you browse through various combinations to decide on your dream kitchen. These kinds of ornate cabinets can be made out of many wood types and different colors, and we can offer different molding & rail preferences to provide you with a broader range of design options.
Note that the quality of the material is the most important factor and here at Cavalli, the material is never the second best.

Traditional Cabinets


Natural Material

On the matter of materials, the use of natural woods and stones enriches the soul of the traditional kitchen.
The flaws of stained wood and patterned stones are praised here, not the sleek look of the objects like in modern kitchens.
Details are essential, and the imperfections of natural material deliver a decent amount of it.

Besides the warmth and attraction, using natural material in traditional cabinets and flooring is wise because it is durable and long-lasting. The coloring can be limited, but you can choose the perfect colors for your kitchen design with our professional team’s service.
For designing an ideal traditional kitchen using natural wood and stone in the making of traditional cabinets, countertops, and floorings, we recommend brown and beige natural shades.
We inspect your priorities and choices to ensure your items are parallel in tone and color and with no sharp contrasts.

Neutral Colors

Not only cooking but many other tasks start and finish in the kitchen, so it is vital to feel joyful in this part of your elegant house and to achieve that, choosing the right colors is essential.
Traditional Kitchen’s color pallet is consists of neutral, warm, dull color ranges like shades of cream, greens, and grays.

These colors are timeless and never outmoded. Imagine light beiges deep cherries for your cabinet doors.
These kinds of shades build up a cozy atmosphere and spread joy. The coloring of the kitchen as the place you gather around and bond or settle is essential and must be decided on carefully.

Luxury Countertops

Luxury materials like Quartz or Granite are the first choices for countertops in this kitchen style.
The patterns in this kind of material are never dull and can be rare.
This infrequency of designs gives your kitchen a unique and elegant look.

As professionals in this industry, we always recommend resistant and durable materials for countertops.
Quarts materials can fulfill the need for solid and long-lasting material for the kitchen in the best way possible.

Traditional Cabinet Backsplash


Traditional Cabinet Backsplash

Recently when it comes to kitchen renovations, Vibrant and highly veined backsplashes are considered the first choice for homeowners.
These kinds of backsplashes might be suitable for modern kitchens but not for traditional ones.

They make the overall image of the room so devastating and shattering.
You have enough decorative elements so let’s keep the backsplash plain and simple.
We can offer a variety of Traditional Cabinet Backsplashes.

They are suited best to your cabinets and countertops. Always remember that we can design the best kitchen based on your priorities and needs with a combination of methods, so if you fancy a traditional kitchen but also want a bit of modernity, we can provide you with a traditional cabinet with modern hardware, or if you think about the functionality, we consult you on items or gadgets we can add to enhance your kitchen. Here at Cavalli Home Design with imagination and experience, we suggest different custom cabinetry with excellent material and flexibility to your personal taste and want.
Consultation from an expert in this field before making any move is crucial, so don’t forget to contact us.

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