Renovation & Expansion


Kitchen is the most special place in our home. Remodelling a kitchen will make a constant difference in your entire house. Despite adding value to your property, makes enjoyable place to prepare meals. Our certified team are ready to make huge changes in your kitchen; from repairing damaged cabinets to removing walls and replace the cabinets. Our professional team will provide various designs to meet your desired interest based on your budget. You will receive excellent customer service before, during, and after project completion. Please visit our cabinetry website for more details and options.


Before we begin, many data about your required emphasize function and storage needs will be collected in order to utilize the latest technology and tools to design and perform your desired bathroom; from flooring to lighting and vanity, we can create your dreamed place into reality. While a bathroom is smallest room in your home a cleaver and crucial design that integrates stylish and functionality will add huge value to entire house.


In case your kitchen is too small for your growing family or you need an extra room for a new-born baby, our professional team provide various solutions for any type of remodelling. Our integrated remodelling team is able to perform every phase of a house expansion project from designing to executing. To begin, we provide technical consultation and diverse planning possibilities to find the most proper design for your place.


Knocking down walls will provide more light and breathing space in your home while significantly affects appearance of your place. Our technical group will carry out all required stages including electronical, pluming and mechanical utilizing advanced tools to enhance assigned objectives. Whiter you already dreamed your design or looking for ideas to get more functionality out of your place, our cleaver designers will help you to obtain it.


A roof has the most visual appearance while protecting your home from rain and sun. Whether you are willing to repair or installing the roof or even expanding the existing one we provide various options based on your particular requirements. Besides, during the project you will experience confident and convenience of the process.


Modern lifestyles are dominated by indoor/outdoor flow and outdoor living spaces such as decks, terraces and barbecue areas. Developing your indoor-outdoor flow transforms your way of life, providing sufficient space and fun for your family. In order to have the results you expect, we will provide comprehensive design and implementation on budget and according to scheduled plan. We help you decide on different choices, meet the criteria for permits – and, of course, do a fantastic job on construction.


Considering loft will add extra useful space while develop significant value to your home. However, the new room might need electrical and mechanical jobs to become habitable. Our designer and engineers prepare a feasible plan to optimize the outcome. We will generate various scenarios according to our client’s requirements to achieve cost-effective and valuable result.


CAVALLI has the right solution, unless it's improving your home's appearance or to seek a solution to a dirty home crisis. We have a team of experts who are flexible enough to offer outstanding RE-CLAD and repainting services. The processes included removing the existed painting and replace it with other materials. We provide repainting services with all the latest design and trends. Our skilled painters, accurately considering all the features and details, while using high quality products to enhance desirable result.


Our team of experts will convert your basement into a valuable place for storage or extra room of your home. By applying the latest advanced technology and engineering, a dark and dingy place will become a bar to gather with your friends or an entertainment centre to spend time with your family. We will help you to add value to this place with providing various design and workable plans.


Our integrated architecture team and our designers in landscape field are linked to engineers to construct unique spaces. The project commence with visualising phases that organize and create high level objectives for what the pattern requires to achieve, then create a qualified plan for the space that meets the needs of the user. We try to link internal and external that is essential for building productive and welcoming sites. In this sense, we concentrate on the human aspects of design and striving to increase the expression of the natural world.


Taking care of people with special needs is a unique and lifelong challenge. If it's a child born who is different from other peers, an injury or a medical event that made them lose any of their previous skills, or an elderly family member that is deteriorating in health, who requires support with day-to-day life, we can facilitate both the person affected and their careers. Skilled engineers in CAVALLI will enable people to face these challenges by providing multiple design and plans.


Nobody wants to make a claim for insurance. It means that something happened to ruin your precious house, which is something that no landlord expects to get through. But, with the proper, reliable contractor, you can restore your property after a devastating incident such as a tornado, fire, flood or falling tree and find a down side that at first seems like a dark cloud. With Contractor Connection, you can be sure that the insurance company you selected would be one of the best in the city, completely trained and equipped to create your property as quickly as possible.


Whether it's related to a leakage in the drainage system or exacerbated by a rain or a broken window during a storm, standing water in your home can be expensive. Immediate action is the key factor when dealing with water damage. Professional team members of CAVALLI react promptly using advanced technology and equipment for fast water removal. Drying procedure will be conducted to precisely monitor and record your home situation and find perfect solution for the specific cases.

We provide significant improvements to every angle of life. With our multiple services, you will experience comfort and confident.

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