CAVALLI is known for offering customized solutions for engineering projects. We consider various perspectives in complex infrastructure needs based on our expertise. Our technical skills will facilitate and accomplish your complex challenging civil design process. We are allegiance to domestic guidelines of designing while collaborating with licensed agencies.

Base preparation

The base part of construction structure safely conveys and distribute the gravity weight of building to the earth while hinder the subsoil from rupture. We provide a comprehensiveness of hardware, software and services that significantly mitigate unproductive time with leading advanced technology.


Our expert team are able to administer and accomplish your project during the civil design phase. We consider guidelines in designing and cooperate with authorized agencies. Our services is not limited to setbacks and floor-to-area (FAR) requirements, site layout and conformance, erosion and grading controls, wetland mitigation, water/wastewater systems, storm water management solid waste disposal, lighting, parking and road . We provide building management services as well.

Fire & Life Safety

Our team in fire & life safety are committed to prepare customized, cost-effective, and safe solutions in order to protect your valued assets: property, people and business durability. We hold licence for NICT system design, fire protection Eng., past code officials, risk consultation, plan examiner and certified inspector, and loss prevention specialists and risk consultants. With a deep background in this industry, we provide professional services in life safety, fire protection, asset protection and risk management.


CAVALLI offers a variety of MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) system designs, as well as technology solutions for any construction, including Construction Administration Services, investigations and recommendations in the facility systems, requirements for energy analysis, cost studies, critical analysis, Commissioning Support Units . Our mission is to provide adequate and effective solutions in order to satisfy our customers toward improving civilization.


We know structure has the ability to transform all aspects of the human experience. We have to adapt with the new technology and developments as architecture continues to evolve. Furthermore, we're taking what we learned from our versatile crew and integrating it into new industries. We collect and gather information from shopping centres, workplaces, hospitality industries, healthcare facilities and deliver diverse experiences for our clients. We work together with architectural designers to provide cost-effective, well-coordinated design solutions as quickly as possible. Our structural engineers are prepared to deal with the most challenging issues facing our customers.


CAVALLI provides wide range of skimming, jointing, and surface construction items, adapted with the various painting and plastering requirements, since each type of product is designed with distinct technical characteristics. We offer DRYWALL free from volatile organic compounds produced with the latest advanced green technology, which reached the highest international and national qualification on home decoration items. You can choose from variety of moisture and fire resistant drywall tiles which are innovative, economical, faster to build and cleaner to accommodate, besides its highly acoustic efficiency.


Our facilities are include experience, technology and advanced tools in order to provide wide range of geotechnical services from rock-cut to foundations. Our highly skilled team is able to evaluate and perform foundation, rock and soil analysis, cut-and-fill slopes and design slope retention systems, and much more. We also provide instrumentation management, quality control system and monitoring during construction process. Our designing team have tight collaboration with our clients to identify the needs of projects and generate cost-effective, technically feasible solutions.

Instrumentation & Process Automation

CAVALLI diligent team is able to generate intelligent automation process and instrumentation system. Part of our job is documenting and controlling the state of installed systems; specifying and selecting the process of instrumentations, multidiscipline designing review and generating technical construction documentation.

We provide significant improvements to every angle of life. With our multiple services, you will experience comfort and confident.

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