Our architects are capable of adapting to specific market demands by designing wide range of building styles and providing tailored solutions to clients. We insight and anticipate every single step of designing based on our previous experiences in order to deliver effective, durable and resilient engineering answers. CAVALLI considers the impacts of climatic change and understand the necessity of adaption.

Architectural Engineering

Our leading industry design engineers are highly integrated to deliver the expected outcomes consistently and efficiently. Our engineers can adequately respond to every specified issue of construction types by applying knowledgeable customized design solutions. We use our past experience to provide solutions and facilitate designing decisions in the early project stage toward delivering desired experience in the building environment.


Construction design directly impacts the quality of the project outcome in subsequent stages. Since most design processes are tailored to suit customer requirement, there are some similar procedures in constructions. In order to effectively manage the design creation process of a construction project, several aspects must be taken into account.


We know structure has the ability to transform all aspects of the human experience. We have to adapt with the new technology and developments as architecture continues to evolve. Furthermore, we're taking what we learned from our versatile crew and integrating it into new industries. We collect and gather information from shopping centres, workplaces, hospitality industries, healthcare facilities and deliver diverse experiences for our clients. We work together with architectural designers to provide cost-effective, well-coordinated design solutions as quickly as possible. Our structural engineers are prepared to deal with the most challenging issues facing our customers.


It is essential to prospect the future in designs, that’s how we plan to adapt with social, economic and natural ventures. In our designs we aim to positively improve human lives and environment. As architects, we have the distinction to design the functional and aesthetic value of the city. All our solutions are influenced by affordability, variability and an ever-greater progressive development. We must be mindful of history, conscious of the people needs, and merciful to nature.

Building Automation

Building automation system is necessity of today's world. A smart networking capability to alert members in real time who want to make critical action to ensure occupants protection, safety and comfort and protect assets' durability. The automation improves efficiency of energy management with smart innovative technology system which links lighting, HVAC system, safety and security system. We conduct multiple automation systems – from the most complex commercial buildings to distinct sectorial needs in order to meet every requirement for building management.


We provide HVAC solutions which accurately measure the pressure and airflow controlling system, and efficiency of entire system. Our skilled team has the operating experience with top HVAC brands; therefore we can install or replace HVAC systems quickly. CAVALLI has authorized expert Engineers who are in charge of value engineering and checking each system design. Despite our experience and training in mechanical engineering, we run scientific computation in order to examine installation of HVAC, which confirm the accuracy and authenticity of the system.

Interior Design

In order to improve interior designs we apply a comprehensive cross-disciplinary process which implement the organisations’ mission and increase the user observation. Regardless of the size of projects, we believe ambitious visions are accomplished by considering every single detail. CAVALLI skilled designers are able to designate the role of technology in creating comfortable and peaceful environment.

We provide significant improvements to every angle of life. With our multiple services, you will experience comfort and confident.

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