What we do

General Contractor

As an integrated team in each phase of the building process we operate all tasks from getting construction permits to coordinate and inspect sub-contractors. We hold weekly progressive meetings to contribute transparency and keep our clients up-to-date and define all risks in relation to the project. We supervise all stages to complete the project accurately. While we value our clients’ time and budget, our expertise design and financial team can help to mitigate overhead costs and finish the project as planned.

Construction Manager

CAVALLI has a great combination of skills in all construction administration aspects. Our qualified managers are significantly expert in the planning and procurement of the necessary equipment to complete every assigned task, from routine to complex renovation or constracting a new building. The simple principal of teamwork is the key element of our strategy. We begin with mutually agreed strategic objectives that create for everyone involved a win-win setting. Our team and the owner will then collaborate together to produce the best results.

Design & New Build

At the beginning of the project, hiring CAVALLI will ensure that the building is designed and monitored accurately by the most skilled engineers. We try to achieve pre-construction tasks such as planning and obtaining permits during construction to make sure your project is not delayed. During the design and development phase, we will focus our efforts on your specific needs. We know the challenges facing your project and will collaborate with you to improve the operation. Our team offers designing support through construction assessments, value engineering and feasibility studies, while calculating required budgets to guide planning. We cooperate with you to achieve determined cost and quality objectives during the project progresses. Our mission is to provide the best services in order to achieve maximum customer loyalty. We serve high technology based operations that will improve the value of your asset. In order to manage any project we prepare detailed planning and monitoring techniques. To track daily goals and cost control during each development phase, we apply comprehensive budgets system.


Call the CAVALLI team if you have a load that you need to deliver or collect. By our tri-axle trucks almost anything more 25 tons of material can be lifted and delivered. Regardless of loading material we always try to deliver and transfer it on time to keep track of your schedule, whether you need a full or partial load. CAVALLI provides tri-axle dumping trucks that able to hold and transfer more than 25 tonnes, including gravel, sand, soil, clear stone, mulch, screening, potato stone, recycled materials and more. A full time dispatcher comes with our dump truck team.

We provide significant improvements to every angle of life. With our multiple services, you will experience comfort and confident.

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